About John Wheeler


Welcome to my website. My name is John Wheeler, I am an acupuncturist based in London and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In my practice I seek to form a compassionate and healing rapport with patients, offering effective medical care and self-care through patient education.

I work in private practice specialising in fertility and see many conditions in my clinic. I practise in Battersea and Clapham and now in Central London. I have taught auricular acupuncture in various workshops including Zita West's acupuncture fertility network. I have been practising for fifteen years and for the last decade have focussed on Fertility and pregnancy.

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After originally working as an operating theatre nurse in the NHS and the private sector, I decided to follow my passion for Chinese medicine and graduated with honours at the University of Westminster in acupuncture.

I also trained in auricular acupuncture specialising in treating addictions and psycho-emotional problems. I worked for seven years in the NHS and in the field of addiction as an acupuncturist. He also teaches auricular acupuncture to undergraduate students, full body acupuncturists and to those working in the field of addiction. I use what I learned from my auricular training in my practice a lot today. Calming the mind and using the strong effect of these points is priceless in the treatment setting.

My special interest and success in treating infertility comes from my passion for helping those trying for the greatest gift of having a baby. The literature is so rich in Chinese medicine along with all the modern methods now being developed in line with IVF treatments that I knew it was where I wanted to focus and help others. Also my experience in helping those new to the complexities of treatment options is important to me. Helping couples to get the right tests, at the right time, which can often be missed

I have done extensive post graduate studies in Fertility both in Chinese and western modalities. I continue to study and keep up with research in both acupuncture studies and new developments in ART’s.

I have practised Qi Gong and Hsing I for the last eight years. I have also studied shonishin, Japanese paediatric acupuncture which uses a non-needle technique which can treat babies as well as young children and studied under the great late Dr Tan learning his balance method.


  • BSc Honours Degree in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture
  • Foundation degree Biological Sciences
  • Member of the British Acupuncture Council
  • NADA Practitioner
  • Lic E.A.R. Practitioner (Auricular Acupuncture)
  • Lic Chinese Cosmetology
  • Member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network

Personal Comment

Although acupuncture is a very ancient system of medicine, it has a real place in 21st century treatment. As a system on its own, acupuncture creates the space for health and a feeling of well being. However, the role of acupuncture alongside conventional medicine is also very impressive, and I strongly believe in the integration of both western and Chinese medical systems wherever appropriate.