Infertility – Diagnosed

This section is for those who have been given a specific diagnosis that may be hindering your chances of having a baby. You will see on our Fertility page that acupuncture treats many of the conditions that can affect fertility.

We will do a detailed investigation at your consultation to look at your health holistically with a specific focus on your fertility and diagnosis. We will go through your tests that you’ve had and how that is interpreted through Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Then we will set up a treatment plan for you involving acupuncture, diet and lifestyle changes.

We can also advise you on next steps. Especially if you are considering Fertility clinics. We have years of experience with our patients seeking the different clinics out there and draw from their experiences on guiding couples to make the right choice.

We are close to all the major IVF clinics and can show you all the options out there for you to choose and the resources you can draw on.

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