Infertility – First Steps

This section is for those at the beginning of their fertility journey, it may be your first intervention as you look for ways to boost your chances of getting pregnant. You may have been trying in your first year and it just hasn’t happened yet, this is the section for you, how can we help?

After a consultation we will look at how we can improve your natural fertility. The female menstrual cycle is very important and we will look at how we can regulate it so planning will be easier to do. Acupuncture is excellent for regulating the cycle.

Our consultation will also help us to diagnose any male factors that may be the cause, acupuncture helps with blockages as well as improving sperm numbers, motility and viscosity.

The consultation will also enable us to identify any other factors that may be affecting your chances. We will advise on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and rest as well as management of stress and anxiety.

We also advise on your next steps, what other help is out there. What are the tests and investigations you can ask for and when to ask for them.

We also offer the important hormone blood and tests needed for fertility or can advise where to get them and if available on the NHS.

With over a decade of experience we can share with you all the right options available that you can choose from outside of the acupuncture treatment. This can be important such as getting the right blood tests on the right days, what to ask for etc.

You may wish to just see how you get on with acupuncture alone before venturing out to get tests done, thats absolutely fine. We will increase your chances through consultation, diagnosis and your tailor made treatment plan.

Should you need advice on other options available we are always a phone call away.

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