Infertility – Unexplained

This section is for those who have undergone some investigations for their fertility but have been given an unexplained diagnosis. This can be a very frustrating place to be as it becomes difficult to know what to do to improve your chances.

The good news is that with acupuncture we use a system of healthcare that looks for different markers and signs than western medicine. This means that when we do a consultation we look for different things in your health. The monthly cycle is investigated thoroughly as well as all previous tests that have been done. We do a thorough health assessment of both partners and natural health will improve as well as your fertility.

This means that often we see signs that can be improved immediately that can be the breakthrough to getting pregnant. We can also advise on what other tests you can go for as well as lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and rest.

We advise you on how to approach western medical practitioners on getting the best care and the right tests. We also offer all fertility blood tests here.

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