Testimonials from recent patients

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John Wheeler is a true healer of our time. His ability to listen and respond to the human body is an artform. One session with him healed a long standing problem in my back and neck, for which I had had hours of massage and other therapies. From muscle problems to bruising or swollen joints, he is a master in his field as well as a sensitive and intuitive professional. I would recommend to anyone, including my dearest loved ones.

Dr Caroline Wells

I came to see John after a long struggle to conceive, IVF treatment, and a subsequent miscarriage. Johns thorough and sensitive approach saw me through my recovery period. He built me up and strengthened me physically and emotionally, and I went on to successfully conceive my beautiful baby boy naturally. Johns acupuncture practice is astute and rigorous and he continues to help with other health issues. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Shoba Mistry


John is a highly professional, skilled, and empathetic acupuncturist with a wide-ranging knowledge that helped me successfully through some difficult gynaecological and fertility issues. I am incredibly grateful to him for his help and guidance, and calm nature. After my first sessions, I immediately felt more relaxed and as the sessions progressed, my energy levels increased and I had a much more positive outlook on my situation. With John’s expertise, I recovered very quickly from abdominal surgery, surprising my consultant. He prepared my body further for successful fertility treatment when I was originally told my chances were slim. I am greatly indebted to him. I am currently unable to attend sessions, and am missing them!

Mona Tawfik


Thank you John for such holistic acutpuncture treatments throughout my IVF treatment and pregnancy. It was very reassuring to feel in such safe and knowledgeable hands during a vulnerable time. Your acupuncture sessions helped so much with nerves and sleep during the fertility treatment and with sore joints, nausea, headaches and more during pregnancy. I am just sad we are moving away from London before the baby arrives as I can't see you right through to the end! I would not hesitate to recommend you to someone looking for an acupuncturist; I have seen several practitioners so can honestly say your treatments were gentle, precise and deeply relaxing. I am very glad Suzanne recommended you to me!

Laura Hely-Hutchinson


I had been suffering from migraines since I was a teen, almost 10 years. I was very sceptical about acupuncture but was desperate to give it a try. I was optimistic when John had told me of his success in treating it many times in the past. I was surprised how relaxing the whole procedure was and instantly had relief. After regular treatments for 3 months my migraines had gone. I am deeply grateful and would recommend it to anyone.

Clare Finney


At six months pregnant my daughter came into the world still-born, and as time progressed I found myself in an endless cycle of grief. After researching, acupuncture was rating high on the list of healing therapies; I spoke with several local practitioners, and was drawn to the pragmatic and caring approach of John Wheeler. In a very short time, John cured an ongoing lower back complaint, corrected poor circulation, and fended off a cold. More significantly, I felt balanced, my periods regulated, and my grief lightened up, consequently becoming more manageable. I don’t believe this could have manifested if there was not the trust and respect between patient and therapist, which I believe is key to its success. I highly recommend John and if you are ‘thinking’ about acupuncture, my advice would be, not to hesitate.

Angie Alderman



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